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   About Dubrovnik Chic Rentals

   Why choose a holiday rental property instead of a hotel?

Renting a property in Dubrovnik offers more freedom and privacy than most other accommodation options. By staying in one of our holiday lettings, you can enjoy the villa or apartment as if it were your own.

No hotel timetables, no dress codes and more private space – you can truly relax. You can eat what and when you like, enjoy more than one room and have outdoor areas all to yourself!

   What does 'chic' mean in Dubrovnik Chic Rentals?

Don't worry – it doesn't mean that we only have expensive rental properties! We offer a range of 'chic' apartments and villas in Dubrovnik for a range of budgets.

For us, 'chic' simply describes an elegant, charming, stylish and cosy property. It doesn't have to be five-star, but it must be high quality and have that 'wow factor'.

   Do you personally check every property listed?

Yes – some of them are properties that we manage full time and others are only added to the listing if they meet our demanding criteria. We regularly visit (at least once a year) those that are managed by other people to make sure that they're still of a high standard.

   The property, location and extras

   Will the property be cleaned during our stay?

The accommodation will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared before you arrive. When you depart, you're expected to leave the property in a reasonable condition (for example, taking out rubbish bags).

If you'd like extra cleaning during your stay, please let us know during check-in. We can then arrange a schedule and let you know if there'll be an additional cleaning fee.

   How can I find out more about the property's local area and location?

Each property profile has a map of Dubrovnik showing where the holiday apartment or villa is. It also describes the nearest transport stop (taxi, bus or ferry), plus the immediate area and surroundings.

   What equipment or extras are included with the apartment or villa?

All accommodation has:

     .bed linen and towels (except beach towels)
     .cooking utensils (pots and pan)
     .kitchenware (plates, cutlery and glasses)

Other items (such a hairdryer, an iron or an internet connection) depend on the property.

   We need a baby cot and/or a high chair. Can you provide one?

We can provide cots and high chairs (subject to availability). Please contact us to request one before you arrive!

   The profile says the property has capacity for X people. Can I squeeze in another person to stay?

The total number of people allowed to stay in the property is restricted to the number that you booked and paid for. If you'd like to add an additional person, let us know straight away.

If your group is larger than you stated, you'll have to pay for the extra people immediately. Otherwise, you will be required to vacate the property without a refund.

   Charges, damage deposits and receipts

   Are there any extra charges on the prices listed?

No – there are no hidden charges or surprises! All prices include taxes although, in rare cases, there may be an extra local tax. However, this information is clearly stated on either your booking confirmation email or the property profile.

   What happens if someone wants to join my group at the last minute or I try to sneak in more people than I have booked and paid for?

The total number of people allowed to stay in the property is restricted to the number that you booked and paid for. If you'd like to add an additional person, let us know straight away.

If your group is larger than you stated, you'll have to pay for the extra people immediately. Otherwise, you will be required to vacate the property  without a refund.

   Do I need to pay a damage deposit?

Some properties may require that you pay a damage deposit on arrival – the amount can vary from 200€ to 500€ (it will be stated on the profile of the property that you book).

We will refund the deposit in full on the day you leave, provided:
     . nothing is broken, damaged or missing
     . the apartment is not left in an abnormally dirt state
     . there are no outstanding charges (incurred before, during or after your stay).

   How can I pay for the damage deposit, if required?

Depending on the apartment or villa, you can pay either in cash or with your credit card. Please check your arrival instructions for details.

   Oops, I've broken something. What should I do?

Tell us or the property owner as soon as possible, so that we can assess the damage. We'll do our best to fix or replace the item and then decide whether we'll have to charge you.

   I need a receipt or a rental agreement. How do I get one?

If you need a receipt of payment or a rental agreement with the property owner, please let us know at least 48 hours before you arrive. The property's manager will prepare one for you.

   Before you book

   Should I make my travel arrangements before or after?

We suggest that you make your travel arrangements prior to booking a holiday property in Dubrovnik with us. That way, you'll avoid any problems if you can't find a flight or they're too expensive.

   Car parking

   Can we park our car near to the holiday villa or apartment?

Parking facilities vary according to the property. They will be clearly stated on the property profile.

   Is there parking in the Old Town in Dubrovnik?

The Old Town is car free; there is parking nearby but the fees can be quite high (10-30 kuna per hour). If you're staying in Dubrovnik's Old Town, we suggest parking your car close to the city walls to unload your luggage and to check-in. Once finished, you can drive your car to a cheaper public car park.

We recommend the 24-hour public car park at the entrance to the Old Town on ulica ('street') Ilina Glavica, which is a short 15-minute walk into the city. The car park has hourly, daily and weekly rates (which are seasonal). If you're planning to park for 24 hours or more, tell the cashier so that you pay the correct price.

   Pets and smoking

   Can my dog or cat stay with me in the property?

We're sorry – pets are not allowed (unless otherwise stated by the property owner). This is because some people have allergies to pets. We also want to avoid any possible damage.

   May I smoke in the property?

Each property's profile will state whether smoking is permitted. If it's non-smoking, you can smoke in the outside areas (such as on the balcony or terrace).

   Arrival and check in

   Do you offer an airport pick-up or shuttle service?

Yes, we do provide an airport transfer service. Contact us to request this.

   How do I check in and get the keys?

The check-in arrangements will depend on the property. It's a good idea to contact the person who manages the property (either us, the owner or the manager) before you arrive in order to arrange a suitable check-in time and procedure.

For a smooth, fast check in, we suggest you text or call the relevant contact (using the number on your confirmation email) as soon as you arrive in Dubrovnik (at either the airport, the transport terminal or the city's outskirts).

They'll then meet you at the apartment or villa to check you in, show you around, explain anything important, take payment (plus a damage deposit, if relevant) and give you the keys.

   I've been asked for my passport details! Is that normal?

When you check in, you'll be asked for your passport details to register you with the local authorities. Please don't worry! This is a normal, standard procedure in Croatia.

   What do I pay when I check in?

You will be asked to pay:

     . the remaining balance
     . the damage deposit (if applicable – see your confirmation email).

The standard method is cash only, unless stated otherwise on the confirmation email and the property's profile. We operate a strict 'no cash, no check-in' policy.

   When can I check in?

The standard check-in time is between 16:00 and 21:00, unless stated otherwise on the property's profile. It's also given in your booking confirmation email.

   Can I check in any earlier than 16:00?

Let us know in advance if you'd like to check in sooner and we'll do our best to accommodate you. However, you may not be able to have an early check-in, depending on when previous guests depart and cleaning.

If an early check-in isn't possible, you can leave your luggage at the property from 11:00 onwards. When you return at the normal check-in time (16:00), your apartment or villa will be ready.

   We arrive during the night. Can we check in then?

Yes, but you have to let the relevant person know in advance. Other guests will usually be checking out of the holiday apartment or villa on the same day you arrive.

   Who do we contact with queries or problems during our stay?

You should contact the person indicated on your booking confirmation email (their name, phone number and an alternative number will be included).

We'll also be available during normal business hours (09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday) to answer your questions. You'll be given a different number for outside business hours and in case of emergency only.

   Check out and departure

   How do we check out?

The relevant contact will meet you at the holiday villa or apartment at 10:00 (if you didn't arrange a different check-out time) to:

     . inspect the property
     . refund the damage deposit (as long as there is no damage and the property is left in reasonable condition).

(You must report any damage during your stay. Read our terms and conditions about the use and care of the property and its equipment.)

   Can we check out later than 10:00?

If you'd like to check out later, ask the property manager when you arrive if this would be possible.

Even if you must check out at the standard time of 10:00, you may be able to leave your luggage until you leave for the airport. Contact us or the manager to arrange this.

   By when must we check out?

The standard check-out time for all our listed properties is 10:00.

   Property owners and managers

   I'd like to list my property with you. How do I do this?

We're always keen to find more high-quality holiday rentals in Dubrovnik. In the first instance, contact us. We'll then arrange to meet you and view the apartment or villa to make sure it meets our criteria and that our guests will love it.
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